On a unique estate in Andalusia (Spain), with views on Gibraltar and Africa, an exceptional project was launched in 2015. After experimenting with honey, fruit and spices, he created GauGin®, a much appreciated gin in five flavours: GauGin® I, GauGin® II, GauGin® Classic, GauGin® Mountain and GauGin® Beach. The idea for a gin came about only when he realised a honey beer was unsustainable due to the unreliable production of honey…

Besides oranges and lemons, the following plants for the DNA of GauGin®: juniper, wild rosemary, wild thyme, lavender and wild sage. In total, there are 27 carefully selected herbs and sun-ripened fruits that grant Gaugin® its unique character and exquisite taste. GauGin® is distilled in small batches in a small craft distillery.

The result is a fresh Mediterranean Gin and an absolute topper. The estate – right in the middle of an ecologically valuable area – is a jewel of nature where only organic work is done. Therefor we say with pride that when it’s loved by nature, it will be enjoyed by you.

I’d rather put a traditional top product in an industrial bottle than an industrial gin in a top bottle.

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