The Belgian blog Gin Ur Way was the first critic to recognize the quality of GauGin.

Many have followed.

“Totally blown away by it… Wow, urgh, yeah, banging… This is a banging Gin…” (Gin Obsessions) (UK)

“Masterpiece” (gin_loving_homebartender) (SWISS)

“beauty” (theginlord) (UK)

“Top Quality … This is a Masterpiece … where many can learn from. The Best Mediterranean Gin…” (Belginfluencer) (BEL)

“I’ve been waiting all summer for this beauty… In my Top 5 …” (Memelovesgin) (UK)

“Wonderful and extremely complex” (Ginclouds) (DEN)

“It is a very intriguing gin as it mixes the traditional with the contemporary Mediterranean … I knew from the first sniff that I wouldn’t be disappointed …” (29gino) (SWISS)

“… GauGin is delivering a serious contender for newcomer of the year…” (29gino) (SWISS)

“Oh my God …What a gin … A jewel of a gin … I just want you to keep making gins. You’re amazing at it ….” (The Patron Saint of Gin) (AUSTRALIA)

“I have a lot to say about this fabulous gin … my first ever bijou …” (The Patron Saint of Gin) (AUSTRALIA)

“Delicious …GauGin is an excellent Gin, you’ll love it …My wife who doesn’t like gin said … wow, this one I really like …” (TheLivingRoomBar) (SWE)

“In the GauGin Classic they aimed for a balance where you would still have the strong juniper and fruity taste and then with the Mediterranean herbs in a soft finish. And if you ask me I think they really nailed it … yeah, it really is a great gin …” (Ginbisse) (DEN)

“GauGin Classic has been able to add an extra dimension to the classic London Dry style, with the spontaneous and naturalistic rendering of the Mediterranean notes and aroma…. Masterpiece” ( (DEN)

“Damn this gin is good” (Myginworld) (SWE)

“…delightful! … a perfect addition to the gin shelf” (gin_sanity) (UK)

“… a gin that’s just so well balanced and have lots of juniper and makes you think of the Mediterranean after just one sip” (theginquest) (DEN)

“Now I know why this gin just won 2 medals. What a taste … I think this Classic Dry Gin is my favorite dry gin !!” (gin_and_tonic_blog) (DEN)

“… completely delicious, and one that would satisfy the most discerning of Gin fans” (The Gin Annual 2018) (UK)

“… On first opening the bottle I was blown away. I knew then this would be love at first taste…This bottle is crammed full of nature’s best. Beautiful Gin that will be hard to stay away from …” (GinGirlAllTheWay) (N-IRL)

“… One of the longest tasting G&Ts I tried yet… That’s the one.” (Empirebrickofgin) (GER)

Glenn Vanbellingen is the face behind Gin Ur Way, the famous Belgian blog where you will find everything you need to know about gin. On the social media, Glenn captivates a growing group of followers at home and abroad, ranging from gin aficionados right through to producers. Gin distillers from across Europe ask him for advice, reviews and visibility for their brand. His role as an intermediary between producers and distributors is unique; his reviews in several magazines are widely read. All this contributes to the establishment of the Gin Ur Way brand as an international quality label. Meanwhile, Glenn has evaluated more than 670 gins according to a specific, very strict methodology.